Technology FAQs

Our point of difference sits with our cutting edge technology and intelligent business systems, which combine to assist our clients in increasing efficiency and quality within the workplace. Some of our technology is exclusive to Diplomatik, allowing us to solidify our position at the forefront of our industry – tomorrow’s technology for today’s solutions.

Technology FAQs

Are there upfront costs?

No – since we manage the software system we are able to remove upfront costs for our clients. In the event a client requires a very ‘bespoke’ outcome which requires an adjustment to the Quadzu system, rest assured it is fully scalable and the upfront cost is transparent. Wherever possible, we aim to absorb the cost, either fully or as a significant portion.

How many suppliers and employees can the system support internal/externally?

Diplomatik can deliver to any job big or small as there is not a business on this earth that can flood Quadzu. It is hosted on the most recognised cloud-based platform and is constantly upgraded and improved.

How many licences can I have and how many people can go on it?

There is no limit to the users on each licence. We ensure there are no barriers to usage on the system, so you can have as many staff using it as you like.

How secure is the technology?

Extremely secure. Each nominated staff member with licenced access is given a unique code to enter the system and we also provide you with an option to adjust/limit what each user is able to view once logged in.

Is the technology mobile friendly?

Tablet, phones and desktops are all compatible with our system. We also have a function available if you are in a remote location without a WIFI or internet connection, which provides access to the interface via Bluetooth.

How does the technology save us money?

Through fine tuning and refinement in the areas of efficiency, transparency and effective management, we help clients save money in all aspects of their business. We have helped businesses reduce staff costs, improve workflow and reduce unnecessary costs through the integration of our software.

We explore a variety of strategies using the technology to reduce costs for clients and have several examples of how this is achieved. Visit our Results page for some real examples of how we have achieved this in the past.

What if my processes have specific requirements and stakeholder engagements?

Because Diplomatik provides a technology lead solution, it is adaptable and interchangeable. In the off-chance we strike we need to do an additional technology enhancement, our management and admin people come into play, handling the manual requirements so you don’t lose efficiency and cost savings projected.

What if my processes change?

We are adaptable with both people and software. We pride ourselves on growing and shifting with you and our team constantly look for enhancements and improvements which develop our clients’ experience.

Can I use any contractors?

You certainly can as we are completely neutral. We don’t recruit and therefore we don’t mind who you use, as our intention is to get the best from contractors and help your projects succeed.

Can I use your suppliers?

Of course. Whilst we don’t have our own suppliers as such (as we want to remain neutral) we are happy to introduce suppliers who suit your needs.

So why don’t I go direct and buy my own software?

Whilst you can buy your own software, you can’t buy Quadzu. The technology is unique to Diplomatik and currently, there is nothing in the market as capable and cost efficient as Quadzu, which is why we stand by our product. We also know we offer the best-priced outcomes on the market for clients, alongside our free admin and personnel support which saves you time and running costs.

Is there a catch?

None whatsoever. Over the past decade the majority of businesses in the UK now use neutral vendors with technology to deliver the best outsourced and insourced fully complimentary workforces. The US market is going the same way, with the Australian and Asian markets playing catch-up after realising the benefits.

We had a panel of labour providers that had been running for some time. The WA market and economy had retracted considerably and our business was directed to focus on initiatives that could save costs without reducing our capability. Diplomatik were engaged to produce a report on outsourced labour costs and potential improvements that could be achieved, directly related to our business and our industry. I found their work to be effective and also accurate and engaged other consultants to provide added review of their information, all agreeing the approach and opportunity were good. We have since used this information and work as part of a greater efficiency program which achieved outstanding business results. I would recommend Diplomatik as a workforce expert and keep them close at hand as a trusted advisor for future needs.
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