Launching our first Pre Employment Diplomedik Medical Centre

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Launching our first Pre Employment Diplomedik Medical Centre

The 28th February 2017 see’s Diplomatik move forward with its efforts to reduce its clients costs in the workforce supply stream. Already providing clients compact and cost effective managed recruitment solutions, workforce technology systems and HR solutions has seen dramatic and positive outcomes for clients in improved efficiency and cost. However in 2016 Diplomatik continually encountered clients requesting a clear need for cheaper, but compliant and timely pre-employment medicals built around a Doctor based solution.

Although Diplomatik discovered the desire by clients for cheaper medicals than can be found in the current market, Medicals and the selection point they provide in a recruitment process, need to have ultimate integrity to be effective. Diplomatik’s Medicals specifically follow clear industry guidelines including Workcover, and are all overseen by a registered doctor in excellent purpose built medical facilities.

Its first centre, in West Perth (Western Australia), provides most medical needs with the following sample:

  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Drug and Alcohol Screens
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physio services
  • Psych services
  • Inoculation and immunisations

In recent market surveys conducted and based on Jan 2017 prices available to the WA market including all know large providers, Diplomatik’s medical pricing now provides upwards of 20% to 40% cost savings in direct comparison, like for like. An incredible offering to its workforce clients.

Additionally, speed of service is critical and our booking structure is such that most client bookings can be accommodated same day to 48 hrs with response times ranging from 2hrs to 24hrs dependant on the level of Drug and Alcohol screen. 

This is an exciting addition to Diplomatik’s service and we look forward to expanding our service shortly in launching further medical centres in WA, NT and SA.

Additionally, Diplomatik can provide negotiated cost solutions for larger project requirements or site based visits.

If you require Pre-Employment medicals, and wish to enquire about our service in WA, please email us for more details. 

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This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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