Expansion & Risk Reduction

Diplomatik gives clients the ability to engage with more people, more agencies and more suppliers, with less effort, risk and cost, delivering a real win-win at both ends of the system.

Typically, to up-scale complex contractor workforce systems will mean an immediate increase in risk, that is proportional to the size of the up-scale.

Uniquely, with the Diplomatik solution, the opposite is true. Our system allows you to increase the scale of your systems, open up access to more resources and options, while at the same time reducing the risk profile. We empower the organisations we work with by delivering a game changing solution that opens up options and delivers a variety of powerful benefits.

We allow clients with large external contractor workforces to increase the size of that workforce, while at the same time reducing the risks of managing it. Your company can increase the size of your workforce, the talent pools you access, and your list of recruitment and HR suppliers.

Our systems and technology allow for multiple increases in scale, but because the management of the whole system is simplified, the risk of a larger contractor ecosystem is reduced. Central to this simplification is the transparency our system gives your organisation with a global overview that is completely new to many people, plus access to information and data that gives you understanding of the overview, and access to individual workers and suppliers.

This is powerful and it is this combination of transparency, simplification, and our own highly experienced contractor workforce specialists that give you a solution where the end result is reduced risks, and most often, minimised costs also.



Introducing Quadzu

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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