Ideal Customers

Diplomatik are best placed to help companies who face the challenges of managing large external workforces and their networks of suppliers. External workforce management is our niche and the area we can offer maximum benefits based on transparency and control to achieve cost savings.

We partner with our clients and work with them to locate their most urgent challenges and then deliver the right services specifically to achieve their goals. Diplomatik can help with managed employment solutions, or consultancy and advisory services.

We understand your challenges and can demonstrate new solutions that will achieve significant positive change in your company.

If your company operates with large numbers of external workers, multiple sites and / or multiple vendors and / or contractors and you need a better way to manage the whole system, we can help.

Below are a sample of the industry sectors we work with to help them implement progressive workforce management solutions and discover opportunities for cost savings.

  • Mining & Resources
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Construction & Trades
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Public Sector & Government
  • Defence & Aviation
  • Accounts & Finance
  • Office Support & Administration
  • Nursing & Healthcare
  • International Labour
  • Diversity & Indigenous Development

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, our services and solutions will help you to achieve transformative change in the management of your external workforce and systems.

Efficiency & Cost Saving

Do you need to achieve cost reductions, better recruitment processes, better-negotiated rates, improved recruitment panels, more powerful reporting and improved profitability?

Automation & Reporting

Are you looking for technology and automated solutions for payroll, time sheets, labour hire, contractor and subcontractor control and transparent reporting?

Compliance & Safety

Would you like to implement progressive, unquestioned compliance and safety that comes with a live and highly visible overview of your whole workforce, both on and off site?

Progressive Technogies

Do you want to introduce cutting edge innovation, technology and efficiencies into your workforce models, leading to a competitive edge over your peers and competitors?


Do your aims include introducing diversity engagement and Indigenous development strategies into your workforce through a variety of proven technology and systems?

Flexible Solutions

Diplomatik can help businesses in a variety of ways, using our people and technologies to achieve the constant goals of increased productivity and efficiencies, control and accuracy and cost savings within each workforce.

You are an ideal Diplomatik client if you are….


Cost reductions, better recruitment, better-negotiated rates, better recruitment panels, better reporting and improved profitability.

In need of…

Technological automated solutions for payroll, timesheets, labour hire, contractor and subcontractor control and transparent reporting.

Looking for…

Top of the range, unquestioned compliance and safety which comes with complete live vision of the whole workforce, both on and off site.

Wanting to introduce…

Cutting edge innovation, technology and efficiency into your workforce models, leading to a noteworthy competitive edge against peers and competitors.

Searching for…

Diversity engagement and Indigenous development strategies to introduce into your workforce through a variety of proven technology and systems.

‘We have never outsourced recruitment historically, and have a large and complex labour schedule to work to with many rosters and time impediments over multiple sites. We commenced discussions with Diplomatik some time ago, but were impressed with the potential for technology, combined with a managing group, to potentially take away some of our burdens as well as provide us governance, protection and cost savings. The challenge was convincing our board of a concept so new to them. Diplomatik offered free trials and upon beginning these trials with Diplomatik we find their service to be quick, thorough and adapting quickly to hurdles that were unforeseen at the outset. We are already witnessing the benefits and are excited by the future prospects.’
- Stephen- Human Resources Manager- Marine Find out what our
clients say

Our Technology

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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