Meet Andrea

Employee spotlight: Andrea O'Loughlin

Meet Andrea

At Diplomatik, we believe it’s our team who make the difference between good service and great service, and we stand proudly by them as a pivotal part of our business. To garner an insight into daily life in the company, we’ve decided to get to have a quick chat with Andrea (Regional Manager – WA) about life at Diplomatik.

Here’s what she had to say:




Thanks for chatting with us today Andrea! So tell us….why Diplomatik? 

Diplomatik is a new and innovative company that’s main focus is assisting business partners to achieve greater efficiencies in their workforce. I like this principal and it’s great to be able to offer new and cost effective solutions that other companies are not able to provide.


What’s been the biggest challenge in the last 6 months? 

Letting people know about all the different ways that we can assist their business from an efficiency point of view.  As the technology is quite new to Australia, people struggle to believe it’s amazing capability! It’s a pretty good feeling, and rewarding when they not only start to believe it but they also see the results it can achieve for them.


What’s been your best decision or experience in the last 6 months? 

The move to Diplomatik has taken me from a world where I just talked about recruitment, to being able to offer and secure a Total Managed workforce solution with a key client that till then had just conducted transactional recruitment without the cost saving structures. They are seeing cost savings and better outcomes and for that reason I’m getting a really trusted relationship with them. My move to Diplomatik has been a really good career choice in regional areas where reputation on doing what you say you will, is everything.


How would you describe Diplomatik’s work culture?

Diplomatik is a very open, transparent and honest. Our employees are happy and efficient – which makes for a great team, striving to constantly improve ourselves and the business.


What is it you feel you bring to Diplomatik and its clients? 

A keen sense of humour! I am also very passionate about customer service, so I will always follow through and deliver what I say I will!


What is your favourite thing/s outside work?

Spending time with dogs at the beach and watching sunsets go over the horizon!


What goal or aspiration do you have for the next year? 

To gain more momentum with local clients offering total workforce solutions. What I can offer clients now, I believe in and it really excites me as it will make regional areas more efficient and able to compete in a more difficult commercial climate that can wipe out SME’s and others in these regional zones.



We had a panel of labour providers that had been running for some time. The WA market and economy had retracted considerably and our business was directed to focus on initiatives that could save costs without reducing our capability. Diplomatik were engaged to produce a report on outsourced labour costs and potential improvements that could be achieved, directly related to our business and our industry. I found their work to be effective and also accurate and engaged other consultants to provide added review of their information, all agreeing the approach and opportunity were good. We have since used this information and work as part of a greater efficiency program which achieved outstanding business results. I would recommend Diplomatik as a workforce expert and keep them close at hand as a trusted advisor for future needs.
- Richard- Human Resources Manager- Mining and Logistics Find out what our
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This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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