Meet Emily – Lead Consultant at Diplomatik

Employee Spotlight: Emily Donegan

Here at Diplomatik, it is our exceptional team that makes our solutions so effective in achieving positive change for organisations.

When you partner with Diplomatik, not only are you signing on for access to the most progressive technologies in the Australian market, but also a team of highly experienced professionals who will support you on an ongoing basis.

We chat with our talented Lead Consultant Emily about her role, and why she chose to work for Diplomatik.

Here’s what she had to say:

What is it about Diplomatik and the position that attracted you?

Solutions, innovation and passion.

I have worked in the Labour Hire and Recruitment industry for the last 6 years for a range of companies (large and small), and I’ve never come across an organisation that is so passionate about providing solutions in the workforce industry. I liked the idea of being able to simplify a recruitment process, making it much more efficient, and the transparency that can be provided to the clients.

I am a natural problem solver… I hate not knowing how to do something, so when the opportunity came up where I was able to solve problems for clients and agencies it was a no brainer. I am also a bit of a control freak, so the compliance and transparency element of the system really excites me.

What does an average day look like in your role?

My role changes each day! That’s what I love about it.

Some days I will be solely systems focused: testing functionality, making sure everything is running smoothly, thinking of new ways to improve it and creating and updating user guides.

Other days I will be working closely with clients and recruitment agencies providing support, guidance and training on the different areas of the system.

What were you doing before you made it to Diplomatik?

I started my recruitment journey with one of Australia’s largest labour hire firms back in 2012. I was one of those people that just “fell into it”, with no idea about what recruitment was all about. Whilst working for this company I was exposed to a range of industries: Rail, Telecommunications, Trades and Construction and Mining, which is where most of my industry knowledge comes from.

I then did the stereotypical Aussie in London thing for awhile as well, and over there I was introduced to the totally different world of Medical Recruitment, specifically for doctors in training.

In 2016, I made the decision that I wanted to go back to study and commenced a Bachelor of Business in 2017, and by the end of 2017 I was happily working alongside Diplomatik and learning valuable lessons that were applicable to my degree.

How would you describe Diplomatik’s work culture?


Diplomatik is full of staff members who are passionate (crazy) about the workforce industry, we are all go-getters and problem solvers, we want to help our clients and other recruitment agencies to achieve the best possible outcome in the most efficient way.

We love the industry, we love working with people, we love helping.

If you could summarise Diplomatik’s core offering, what would it sound like?

Diplomatik offers a listening ear, we hear your issues and we work with you to minimise the pain. We offer a service, not just a system and we are here to work with you.

Where is Diplomatik right now, and where do you see it in 24 months time?

Right now, Diplomatik is flourishing. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients who are using the system, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the innovation.

I see Diplomatik growing even further on a national basis and working on some larger projects.

What goal or aspiration do you have for the next year?

My personal goal is to get back into my study (I put it on hold this year for some travel), and to learn to relax a bit …

My work goal is to build and grow the reputation of Diplomatik with my fellow colleagues – I want to see Diplomatik make a difference with our customers.

What is it that you feel you bring to Diplomatik and its clients?

Is being a control freak a good thing?

I keep being told I am a bit pedantic, but that’s why I am in this position.

I think a quote from the boss on my 1 year anniversary was “But like any good gang, there needs to be a knife man or enforcer, and if you don’t use Quadzu properly… prepare to get shived!”. All in good fun … I am sure it was a joke.

I also think my experience as a recruiter is invaluable, as I am able to talk to the benefits of the system from both a recruitment agency and client perspective. I understand the pains that clients have and I can explain to them how the system will work in their favour.

What is your favourite thing/s outside work?

My dog, Dave, a 1-year old golden retriever. He is the cutest thing ever and everyone at work is very much over me talking about him and showing them photos.

Most weekends you’ll find my partner and I exploring Perth’s surroundings with the (not so little) pooch.

Other than my puppy, I am a Harry Potter tragic (another quote from the boss), I have my nose in a book more often than not and I try to get to as many West Coast Eagles games during the season. I also find myself travelling a lot, whether it be back to the country where I am from originally or overseas.

… Did I mention I have a really cute dog?

Are there any more company updates you can share?

Well, I would love to share all of the awesome new things that we have lined up … but where would the fun in that be? I need to keep our readers on the edge of their seat and wanting more!

Jokes aside, we are always working on new functionalities for the system that make life easier for everyone, and I love seeing those ideas come to life.

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