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You’ve learned about Diplomatik director, Mark Kobulniczky’s drive for bringing his workforce management initiative to Australia, now learn about how Diplomatik is helping businesses right now, and how their technology can make progressive and positive changes to your systems and business.

Where can large scale businesses find the biggest wins in this space, right now?

“There’s an immediate cost saving to automating services and creating transparency. I find that HR and Procurement or Commercial Departments immediately see an opportunity in how they can focus on real company commercial benefits without cutting staff or increasing their risk.

There’s no solution in Australia right now that creates better safety and integrity for a company with a reasonably large external workforce, whether they’re dealing with contractors, subcontractors or labour hire.

Our technology and team create an up-to-the-minute view of every person on-site with visuals of their required qualifications and inductions, accessible to tablets, phones or traditional desktop computers. The savings made from these solutions far outweigh the costs.”

How do you find the Diplomatik offering of combining expert people with progressive technology to simplify external workforce management, is being received by clients?

“It’s an incredibly positive reaction. The challenge for technology in the human space is the distance it immediately causes to humans. It’s a big challenge that industrial or other applications don’t necessarily face. We see it all the time in service centres and the like being pushed to digital responses.

Diplomatik is able to provide adaptive and ever-changing solutions to clients. Our people are involved in filling gaps in processes that arise as companies change their needs, and having a real person who is able to engage stakeholders regularly with world-leading HR workforce practice ideas is a plus.”

In short, sum up the response you are getting to the Diplomatik offering across Australia.

“Diplomatik is only a few years old here in Australia. We’re already in three states and are about to open two more state branches on the back of client projects that are nationally recognised and dynamic. In the last 2 years we have not lost a single Diplomatik client which is a testament to my people living our ethos, and the bespoke and personalised solution that’s on offer to our clients on an ongoing basis.”

Describe the type of operation that will most likely be experiencing challenges, or even real problems, that can be solved by introducing new workforce management systems.

Lots of companies have workforce management systems, whether they’re manual systems or software. But we’re more than just a workforce management system.

The companies that will see real benefits in our offerings will be those that have a labour supply panel, have a highly fluctuating workforce with peaks and troughs in the number of employees, have experienced increased risk through employment of external casuals and the lack of transparency, are looking to develop cashflow benefits from external workforces, or have the infrastructure of recruitment teams and HR but want to empower them to have greater control, and have higher turnover and lower retention.

If you could summarise Diplomatik’s core offering, what would that sound like?

We’re a workforce solutions team with market-leading technology, and we drive efficiency, cost savings and better outcomes in a space that traditionally presents the opposite to those goals.

Where is Diplomatik right now, and where do you see your business being in 24 months time?

“It’s an incredibly exciting time right now at Diplomatik. I have a very talented team of professionals around me who see the true worth of what we offer. So much so that we have a talent list of people we are engaging with regularly, and who are contacting us from the workforce industry, wanting to put their hand up and be a part of our story.

It’s hard say where we’ll be in 24 months, but the sky’s the limit for Diplomatik. My hope is that we’ll have a very large list of clients we are engaging with in a way that’s truly beneficial for them, and an extremely strong retention of our own people helping me build and continually write our company culture into the future.”

Do you have any closing comments or insights for the people who would be most likely to engage with you and your team at Diplomatik?

“Our experience tells us the professionals who see immediate benefits are senior stakeholders, management, GMs, and executives within HR or people-based departments.

Commercial or procurement senior stakeholders in charge of supplier panels or negotiating tenders will also immediately see the incredible wins we can provide their company.

My sales team and myself are constantly visiting core stakeholders to display our systems and service running live so they can  watch it working tangibly, rather than theoretically. We’re happy to do so with anyone that’s interested to know more. All they have to do is call or email us and we’ll go out to show them the exciting and real, new possibilities.”

For more information about how Diplomatik can help you, get in touch on (08) 6165 3353, or email

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