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Part 1

Diplomatik is delivering a progressive new contractor workforce solution in Australia that’s helping businesses streamline external workforce management and find new efficiencies. Learn more about the business and what inspires director, Mark Kobulniczky in this sector.

Meet Mark Kobulniczky, husband, father and director of Diplomatik.

So, let’s start with some background on Mark. He grew up in a small ‘blink and you miss it’ kind of town in WA’s wheatbelt. In his late teens he moved to Perth to study and work. He was then lured offshore, working around the globe for many years before settling down, getting married and welcoming two beautiful children into the world.

“I’m very proud of where I came from, I think it’s helped keep me grounded and understand the value of relating to all people from all walks of life.” – Mark Kobulniczky.

So what exactly is Diplomatik you ask? Diplomatik works with clients to implement progressive technology systems that simplify the complexities of managing large external workforces. So their solutions are custom made to meet the needs of companies in oil and gas, mining, large scale manufacturing and engineering.

Read on as Mark explains the business and shares his experience, insights, passions, and drive for creating Diplomatik and bringing his workforce management initiative to Australia.

What motivated you to start Diplomatik?

“I worked internationally for many years at a senior level over both sides of the HR/Workforce Management and Logistics fence – the contractor supplier side and also the employer side. During that time I witnessed the true disconnect that occurs with outsourced labour, the expanding employment costs it creates, the poor stakeholder experience and ultimately the poor employment outcomes that result.

Outsourced labour is a critical component required in effective workforces now, and moving forward into the future. The world’s moving fast, so the right technology and processes, and a constant eye to improvements in the market is imperative to help workers and employers receive the best possible engagement and outcome.”

Describe your career before Diplomatik?

“After working across very different industries and fields for many years, I found myself specialising more in HR and specifically workforce processes and recruitment. I worked in Australia and internationally to a senior level, for some of the largest and most recognised labour providers in the world. I also worked to a senior level of HR internally for a large mining services and logistics company, strategically outlining their sourcing and engagement plan, saving millions per year, and driving beneficial HR metrics.

I was fortunate to gain true insights into how metrics, reports and key indicators really defined the right steps and points of action at the coal face, from the vision of the board and executive team. It was invaluable.”

Where is your passion and specialisation in what you do and how you help clients?

“I have found that I always return to my love of all things workforce.

Sourcing, recruitment and workforce logistics, like breathing, is something everyone thinks they can do, and in the case of breathing, they can. But many clients who know where they are hurting, in retention, in costs, and in safety, only have old mechanisms as their solution options. Diplomatik is about future solutions. Diplomatik is changing the way challenges are met in this space and that is exciting.

The passion and specialisation for me is derived from the incredible need to be progressive in our industry.”

If there is one founding principle upon which you have built Diplomatik, what is that?

“Integrity through trust and transparency.

I implore my leaders and drive myself, to be 100% honest in all dealings internally and externally.

Diplomatik is meant to make clear what is murky with external workforce panels and supply, so if we can’t back ourselves to be honest with clients and suppliers, it’s a failed endeavour from the start. Our team trusts itself to openly find mistakes or failures in processes, acknowledge them, and then move forward for our clients and ourselves in the fastest possible fashion. We aim to avoid having those issues arise again.

We have a saying – “We work with people, not paperclips.”

If a client needed 500 paperclips you’d know exactly how they’ll be made, the timeframe to do it, how it arrives, the exact cost per paperclip, and they’ll do the same job exactly like the last paper clip, 100% of the time. We deal with people… enough said.”

How do you think the management of external workforces in Australia compares to international markets?

“In a word, poorly. And that is unfortunate, but it is also changing, and we’re leading the charge to catch up.

For employers and contractor suppliers, it’s not through lack of hard effort and excellent professionals that this is occurring. Australia boasts some of the greatest contract suppliers and you only need to look at our mining areas to see how external workforces are embraced as their own. But all of this comes at a considerable logistics cost when compared to the rest of the world.

The UK and the US are the largest contractor workforce spaces and the technology and systems Diplomatik brings to Australia via our ‘neutral management’ have been running in those areas for over a decade. They’ve been refined and perfected during that time and have shown immense benefits and success.

Australia has only just started its journey in this space, and unfortunately it’s off the back of many industries trying to improve their workforce logistics through old methods or large manual applicated teams that lack automation and technology, or even worse, static, off the shelf software.

If this continues, Australian workforces will continue to decline in competitiveness worldwide moving forward.”


Diplomatik is a progressive company driven by a clearly defined vision and an aim to elevate the solutions available in Australia in the management of external workforces. The company’s combination of experienced people, just like Mark, with new, globally proven technologies, places Diplomatik at the head of the pack in Australia, and they are gaining traction in WA and national markets.

There’s plenty more to learn about Diplomatik and its offerings, so follow up in part 2 where Mark discusses technology, and how Diplomatik is helping Australian businesses right now.

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