At Diplomatik, we do not sell software. Our approach is based on introducing progressive technologies into the Australian market, supported by a team of highly experienced professionals who understand the complexities of managing large contractor workforces.

Our people understand the contractor workforce situation from your side.

Across our team, Diplomatik is comprised of people who all carry years of experience working in organisations where the management of large and complex contractor workforces is an ongoing  challenge.

We have a deliberate strategy of employing people with experience earned on the side of the contractor systems that our clients work on now. We all understand the frustrations that arise from the sheer volume and complexity of these systems with hundreds and thousands of individual contractor employees and then the multitude of suppliers in recruitment and human resources who are brought in to find and manage these workers.

So, we have an offering that is just as much about the people who are here to help you and your organisation, as it is about the technologies we use to change the game and deliver a new level of efficiency and results to the Australian market.

When you partner with Diplomatik, not only are you signing on for access to the most progressive contractor management technologies in the Australian market, but also a team of experts who are here to implement train, and support your organisation on an ongoing basis.

It is our combination of exceptional people with leading technology that makes the solutions we deliver so effective in achieving positive change in organisations with large and complex contractor workforces.



Introducing Quadzu

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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