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Casepak – Quadzu

Casepak has been delivering recycling excellence for more than 40 years. Founded by George Smith in 1973, the company has grown from a paper and cardboard recycling specialist into one of the UK’s most well respected recycling companies, collecting, sorting and trading a wide range of recovered materials from commercial, industrial and household collections. Casepak has two progressive recycling plants, both centrally located in Leicester, in the Midlands, UK. The Collections and Processing Facility manages source segregated materials and the Materials Recycling Facility processes dry mixed recyclables.

The combined processing capacity is 300,000 tonnes a year, with a now an impressive recovery rate of 97.5%, most sold to UK reprocessors. Casepak identified the need to streamline and improve efficiencies in conjunction with a review of Core and non-core services and had identified that the composition of its workforce should be more flexible, 100 people flexing upwards with demand.



Casepak were looking for a solutions provider to deliver a solution to administer timesheet information that appeared instantly into online timesheets for daily monitoring that once signed off on a weekly basis could be processed through the supplier’s weekly payroll system. The solution also needed to monitor the makeup of the workforce, who was doing what job and ensure compliance across the plant.  The final part of the Casepak brief was for their commercial team to access data that showed the daily flexible labour cost to enable them to allocate this cost to the production of each recyclate bail produced across 8 product channels.

The product channels are processed within a cabin on a waste picking line which allows the retrieval of specific materials, from a line that contains multiple types of waste.  Some materials are in abundance, some scarcer, some more difficult to pick than others, and some materials much more valuable than others, so being able to monitor and direct the focus of the workforce is imperative in the monetisation of the recycling process.

The keys to managing cost were to not over resource picking lines where the commodity value is low, make sure the resources are in place on lines where commodity prices/demand is high and where premium quality sorting dramatically improves bail value. With pick rates from labour being the cornerstone of the service KPIs in this environment the client was also keen to see that a solutions provider was recording individual performance and implementing measures to improve performance where required and keeping records of these.


Our team was made up of industry experts from within Waste & Recycling, Facilities Management, and support service specialisms and was led by a senior consultant who maintained the clients strategic focus, all of the members of the Quadzu team had both extensive operational and managerial track records so the client team felt comfortable in discussing operational demands and issues with consultants who had extensive experience in both the client’s sector and P&L responsibility.

Work Streams

Following the client workshops a clear work stream review was identified, they were broken down into the groups below:

  • Timely management information
  • Accurate and real-time financial measures and reports
  • Customer experience – for internal and external customers
  • Future proofing of support functions in line with customer requirements
  • Workforce Records

The work was carried out over a period of 2 months with constant reviews with client managers.


Quadzu was updated to include additional ‘product line codes’ and deployed with complete success.  Following the successful solution delivery the client is reviewing additional modules of Quadzu to access value of implementation (GPS locator for Key personal and addition of Casepak permanent staff).

Tangible Results

These were identified as key milestones during the delivery of the broader labour contract but were grouped under:

  • Improved Service through total transparency
  • Increased Client Service Offers relevant to customer requirements
  • Reduction cost of all support services
  • Reduced production costs per recyclate bail
  • Improved Health and Safety records
  • Improved capacity planning and ability to implement client growth plans
  • Improved training and toolbox records
  • Improved workforce sense of integration into company strategy
  • Internal career plans within SSR
  • Clients are retained – regular consultancy work.


We had a panel of labour providers that had been running for some time. The WA market and economy had retracted considerably and our business was directed to focus on initiatives that could save costs without reducing our capability. Diplomatik were engaged to produce a report on outsourced labour costs and potential improvements that could be achieved, directly related to our business and our industry. I found their work to be effective and also accurate and engaged other consultants to provide added review of their information, all agreeing the approach and opportunity were good. We have since used this information and work as part of a greater efficiency program which achieved outstanding business results. I would recommend Diplomatik as a workforce expert and keep them close at hand as a trusted advisor for future needs.
- Richard- Human Resources Manager- Mining and Logistics Find out what our
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Our Technology

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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