Technology Profile. Unique, Progressive and Proven.

The technology our people work with to assist in the management of large scale contractor workforces is highly progressive, and also well proven.

Diplomatik make a unique offering in the Australian market. Where the use of technology to manage significant external workforces is emerging, we deliver advanced technology that has been proven in Europe for over a decade. The name of this real time business intelligence system is Quadzu. You’ll probably call it incredible.

Diplomatik are committed to introducing Australian organisations to new technology and management solutions for the challenges of managing large scale contractor workforces. We know that there are significant improvements to be made and costs to be saved, and we are in the market now, helping organisations make those improvements, and bank those savings.

Our people and progressive technologies are combining and working hard to find increased success as we change the contractor workforce environment in this market. In short, we offer large volume employers the capability to engage with more people, more agencies and more suppliers, with less effort, risk and cost.

“The international exposure of my team, and me personally, led us to the Quadzu technology. Diplomatik are proud, and excited, to be the only company in this space, making a technology offering with this much power and potential to increase control and create new efficiencies and cost savings.” – Mark Kobulniczky, Director, Diplomatik

Introducing Quadzu Technology

Our technology is exclusive to Diplomatik and gives us the capability to combine technology with expert people to deliver contractor workforce visibility.

Quadzu is new and unique in Australia and offers many benefits and all sorts of competitive advantages that come from data access, overview, control and cost savings. Plus, Quadzu has been used, tested and very well proven in international markets for well over a decade.

Quadzu gives your company anywhere / anytime access to high-value, real time, workforce cost data in various formats segmented by location, task and skill. Additionally, Quadzu can interface with existing systems, to place real time and dynamic data at your fingertips.

“Our ability to offer the Quadzu platform in Australia is exclusive, and we have made that commitment based on our clear understanding of the power of this technology to deliver real benefits. By ‘real’ benefits, we mean management efficiencies and significant cost savings.” – Mark Kobulniczky, Director, Diplomatik

Functionality & Integration

When Quadzu is combined with expert and experienced people, it delivers the ability to present information from client, contact and applicant records stored in a net-based SQL database on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

With functionality and integration essential to all evolving businesses and the adoption of new technologies, we made sure that Quadzu supports multiple Operating Systems (including Linux) and programming languages (including JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js). With these capabilities in place, we can deliver a network of secure, private connections alongside hybrid database and storage solutions.

Quadzu Overview

This technology helps you manage your workforce more efficiently by providing your team with real time data. The quality and accessibility of this data puts you in a position of increased overview, and therefore control. From that new perspective, you can react immediately and plan a course of action with informed decisions, based on excellent information.

Quadzu is an online platform that delivers a time and attendance system for the fluid management of constantly growing and changing subcontractor workforce systems.

This leading web application gives principal contractors incredible transparency and peace of mind regarding site employees and the contractor supply chain.

Quadzu is a system based on real time date and is accessed via PC, tablet and smartphone.

The Diplomatik offering is based on a managed service, delivered by people with workforce management experience, combined with an intimate understanding of Quadzu and how to get the most from it.

Key Features

Quadzu offers a scalable program that has the capacity to meet the needs of any company across multiple sectors.

It gives key people the ability to oversee a workforce from anywhere in the world.

The delivery of real-time data means that overview, assessment and the execution of management solutions and actions are immediate.

Diplomatik clients enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are running a safe, qualified and legal workforce.

Primary Benefits

Health & Safety

In the key area of onsite health and safety, Quadzu delivers a range of benefits based on transparency, communication and access to data. Some key health and safety benefits include:

  • On-site workforce monitoring.
  • Two way communications via interactive handheld devices.
  • Online procurement of temporary labour.
  • Provides lone worker safety protection.
  • Mass notifications.

Compliance & Training

You will have the confidence that comes from knowing that every contractor that enters your site is safe, qualified and fully inducted. Quadzu includes processes and delivers contractor data including name and details, registration and induction, qualifications, legal approvals per country and much more.


You will increase your ability to improve the timing and accuracy of key decisions. The capture of essential real-time data relating to people activity onsite and anytime access to that data leads to premium management decision making.


From control and data comes the opportunity to improve your bottom line. The transparency and overview Quadzu delivers, and also the level of detailed data when required, combine to give workforce management teams the ability to pinpoint inefficiencies, identify excessive costs and take action to achieve savings.

Explore Further

The Quadzu platform is an important part of the way Diplomatik are redefining the management of contractor workforces.

If you have a business that operates with large numbers of external contract workers, multiple sites and/or multiple vendors and/or contractors, we have a better way to manage the whole system.

Our team of workforce professionals understand your challenges and we have the people and technology to give you a centralised contractor workforce management platform that will redefine the way you manage your people.

You will gain control, find clarity, achieve greater efficiencies and make cost savings, plus have the ability to hold your suppliers accountable.

The value of the progressive Quadzu platform to your business becomes obvious when you allow our experts to show you exactly what this exclusive solution can do.

Our Technology

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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