The Workforce Function: Suppliers

The Diplomatik system is a major asset to both clients and their suppliers.

We are focused on providing a workforce management solution that aides and eases recruitment frustrations, whilst streamlining processes for all users. In this article we explore the Workforce function of our system from the Supplier point of view. We often hear about the numerous difficulties that Labour Hire and Staffing providers are facing, especially with the current skills shortage in Australia.

Read on to find out what some of these common difficulties are, and how Diplomatik is helping to minimise or eliminate these issues entirely.

Common issues faced by recruitment agencies or labour hire providers include:

  • Clunky or outdated databases with thousands of applicants you’ll never use, which costs time and money to upkeep.
  • Systems that are complicated and difficult to use, requiring ongoing manual input.
  • Inability to effectively roster short term casual roles, such as shutdowns and projects. This means an agency spends time and money to attract and screen applicants who have only a short period to get any return on investment.
  • Systems that require suppliers to manually audit and maintain employee qualifications, using up considerable time and money to repeatedly save documents.
  • The need to provide resumes to clients via email, which can be lost, forgotten or ignored – all time that can risk losing the candidate.

How does the Diplomatik Workforce function solve these issues?

Candidate Profiles

The Workforce section of the Diplomatik solution is a visual haven; identification photos, a clear name, current status and copies of files and licences. This keeps you informed and reduces time spent chasing up information that has already been provided.

Each candidates profile showcases their skills, qualifications, resume, work, timesheets, feedback and a notebook for all of your important notes, and this can be actively shared in their application to the clients in one simple click without having to repeat emails over and over.

Compliance Checks

The compliance system flags any compliance issues that are current or coming up, providing adequate time to obtain copies of qualifications to update the system.

Job Transparency

Complete transparency is provided, including when a job is starting/finishing, what it costs, what it pays, margins, rosters, skills and qualifications required. This makes it easier than ever to allocate candidates to subsequent short-term casual appointments to encourage retention within your casual workforce.


A talent pool that proactively uses AI to identify live and available candidates against vacancies that are raised by your client without you having to search.

Live Access from Anywhere

All candidate information is live and in one spot; profiles can be accessed from a laptop, tablet/iPad or a mobile phone with images and documents automatically resizing to fit the screen. There is no need for resumes to be printed and taken to client meetings.

Efficient Client Communication

Clients are actively notified of a new candidate submission with all necessary information, prompting quick and accurate feedback to the supplier, increasing success ratios in placements. Client rejections and acceptances are complete with reasons and information, assisting suppliers to tailor their search quickly and efficiently, increasing successful placement numbers.

Fast and Easy to Use

The portal is completely cloud-based, instantaneous and fully managed for you. If there are any issues, you can call our local support team for daily assistance in all facets of our systems.

It’s very straightforward to load documentation – you don’t have to be a technical person, and you only need to do it once for our system to duplicate it to the areas you need it in the future.

All candidate information can be used for any application in one simple click.


The system gives you ultimate clarity, allowing you to see what you’ll earn, what needs to be paid through payroll, as well as enables you to run time reports and many other critical
recruitment KPI’s.

Active Timesheets

Active timesheet links mean that you and your client are looking at the same information, which also feeds back to your candidate profiles offering further career information.

“There is nothing like our systems and service. Diplomatik can provide a direct link to your clients like never before, reducing your costs and lost time and allowing for more success and revenue.” – Mark Kobulniczky, Director.

So now that you’ve learned a little more about how Diplomatik can help you manage your workforce through innovative technological solutions, supply a fast turn-around-time to clients and eliminate compliance issues, why not contact us for an obligation-free demonstration?

Our Technology

This is our Real Time Business Intelligence System, which provides workforce visibility and real-time workforce cost data in various formats, segmented by location, task and skill, whilst also being able to interface with other existing systems.

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