Timesheet Capabilities of Quadzu

We dive into the Timesheet function capability of the system, developed to be as fast and streamline as possible, saving you both time and effort.

Our Real Time Business Intelligence System is unique to Diplomatik and the Australian market, offering incredible benefits and competitive advantages within the industry. It gives us the capability to use technology to deliver contractor workforce visibility.

Our technology is called Quadzu, and it has been thoroughly tested in international markets for over a decade with proven results.

In this article, we are going to dive into the Timesheet function capability of the system, developed to be as fast and streamline as possible, saving you both time and effort.

This system is currently being used with various Diplomatik clients, from manufacturing workshops to mine sites and utilised in roles from administration through to senior-level management, with employees finding the system “easy to use with a clear overview of the hours worked by each employee for that week”.

What are the common issues companies experience with timesheets?

There are numerous issues businesses encounter in relation to traditional timesheet systems; including paperwork, lengthy administrative processes and tracking down employees to sign off on the hours they submit.

It’s very common for employees to submit incorrect hours, for paper timesheets to be misplaced, or for employee handwriting to be interpreted incorrectly.

Overall, timesheet capabilities for many organisations are long overdue for an upgrade to streamline work processes, save time and minimise errors.

How does this functionality solve these issues?

The timesheet function speaks directly to the approved roster and the unique job the employee is placed against.

This automatically populates the timesheet based off the roster, ensuring a fast and accurate process.

Do you have employees working 12-hour days on a 2-week-on, 1-week-off roster? 12 hours will automatically populate in this pattern without the need for manual checks or entry of breaks.
How about an employee working 8pm-5pm, with a 30-minute unpaid meal break? 8.5 hours will be populated per day.

The automation of these hours makes it easy for you to review and approve within a matter of seconds.

What makes it so simple to use?

We don’t believe that users should be directed to multiple areas of a system in order to achieve one task. Our approach is well organised and simple.

Our system is based off a streamlined “one click” idea: Click on the timesheet, review, and approve. Of course, if there needs to be a change made, this can be done easily and quickly with a few simple clicks.

What are Diplomatik clients saying about the timesheet system?

“It’s straight forward. Just check the hours and click approve.”

“Really easy to use – “click and done”. Easy to manage and edit if needed.”

“Very easy for both the employer and employee, and removes paper timesheet trails.”

“Simplicity is key.”

We are confident you will be impressed with these timesheet capabilities. If you’d like to arrange a demonstration, send us an enquiry today.


Timesheet Example: The Summary displays the total of working hours for all Employees on your site. The timesheet below for Jon Jones has been approved.



















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